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We have done all the google search work for you. Below is a list of all the travel options on how to get to MESA Sostenible.

MESA Sostenible, Nicaragua

Options to get to MESA Sostenible:

  • International Flight to Managua MGA Airport, then private taxi 2.5hrs or bus 5-6hrs on the chicken bus.
  • International Flight to Liberia LIR Costa Rica Airport, then Sansa Airlines flight to Costa Esmeralda Airport ECI Nicaragua, 5mins in private taxi. Note: Seasonal flights.
  • Car rental, google map directions on the Contact page. Note: You will be required to have your current driver's license and passport with you at all times when driving.
  • Bus from anywhere in Nicaragua or Costa Rica to Rivas, then private taxi 35minutes or chicken bus 1hr, then 15minute walk.

Flights to Nicaragua


Local Airport: Costa Esmeralda ECI, seasonal flights from Managua MGA and Liberia Costa Rica LIR  - 5mins drive

Major Airport: Managua International MGA and domestic flights, 2.5hrs by taxi

Managua MGA International Airport (click airlines)

  • American Airlines: Two flights daily from Miami
  • United Airlines: Daily flights to Houston and connections
  • Delta Airlines: One daily flight to Atlanta and connections
  • Spirit Airlines: Daily flight to Fort Lauderdale and connections
  • Copa Airlines: Daily flights to the USA via Panama City, Guatemala City, San Jose and San Salvador. 
  • Avianca Airlines: Daily flights to Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, San Salvador, Guatemala City, New York, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba, Canadá, Belize, Panama, and Managua. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to Brazil.
  • Nature Air: Flights San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • Sansa Airlines: Seasonal flights from Liberia LIR Costa Rica to Costa Esmeralda - closest airport to MESA Sostenible.

Domestic Airline (click airline)

  • La Costeña: Seasonal flights to Managua Corn Island, Siuna, Puerto Cabezas, Bluefields, Bonanza, Rosita, Waspán and San Carlos. 

Private Taxi

We can arrange private taxi transport from anywhere within Nicaragua. New and clean cars.

Managua MGA Airport to MESA Sostenible, 2.5hrs 1-3 people. Price to be updated

Rivas to MESA Sostenbile , 30minutes, 1-3 people. Price to be updated

Bus in Nicaragua


These are the two bus companies: A lot faster than the chicken bus, air conditioned and sometimes provide free wifi. Defiantly book ahead during holiday seasons.

  • Tica BusDaily services from Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras
  • Nica Bus: Daily services between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Chicken Bus Nicaragua 


Chicken Bus

This is the public bus network. A cheap way to travel, more time no air conditioning and not everyone's cup of tea.

**Our closest bus stop is El Tambo. Coming from Rivas, take the bus going to Las Salinas and ask the driver to stop at El Tambo.

  • Managua to Rivas: Every 30 minutes, express Bus every hour
  • **Managua to Las Salinas: 1500 Daily
  • **Rivas to Las Salinas:  05:00 09:15 11:00 12:30 14:20 16:00 16:30

Car Rental in Nicaragua

Rental Car and Driving Directions

Please ensure you know how and have all the equipment to change a flat tire before leaving the car rental parking lot. You will be required to have your current driver's license and passport with you at all times when driving. Roads are rough and easily subject to flooding.

Local Car Rental  (click company)

Driving directions: 

Google map driving direction links:

Tip: If using a map app, Waze works better than Google Maps in cities.