Fresh Organic Herb Infused Olive Oil

Fresh Organic Herb Infused Olive Oil

Fresh Organic Herb Infused Olive Oil


1/2 cup Fresh Organic Herbs
1 cup Organic Olive Oil


Wash and dry your ingredients. (Drying your ingredients completely will prevent bacteria, as bacteria needs water to grow.)

Wash and dry your container or bottle thoroughly.

Lightly bruise or crack your herbs, as this will allow their oils to infuse. If using spices, you can add a nice flavor by lightly toasting them in a small sauté pan. For chiles, or other larger ingredients, slice or cut to fit into your container or bottle.

Place all of your ingredients into your container or bottle then cover completely with oil. Olive oil is a great option, however I also sometimes use mixed oils such as sunflower and avocado, etc. Make sure all of your ingredients are submerged in the oil. Seal your container or bottle, and let it sit in a cool, dark place for 7-10 days. The oil will slowly infuse over this time. Strain your infused oil once you have reached the flavor you like.

Your infused oil should keep for about 1 month, preferably refrigerated. IMPORTANT: If your oil develops an off flavor or seems rancid, DO NOT use it.

NOTE: I sometimes heat my oil before adding it to my bottle to help it last longer and prevent the potential for bacteria growth. Unfortunately, this may cause a cloudy finished product, but it produces a faster result.