There is nothing in better than the smell of fresh bread baking! When most people think about the painstaking process "Mix, Knead, Rise and Repeat" they opt for store-bought options. Two of the recipes I've included in this collection are EXTREMELY easy to make and don't require any kneading. 


Crusty Bread

Back in my days of working as a chef aboard private yachts, this recipe saved my career! Making fresh bread was always that added touch guests truly appreciated. Having up to 12 guests, plus another 12 crew to feed, meant time was always against me. I love this recipe because it is simple, requires no kneading, allows for infinite variations, and comes out looking like it belongs in a bakery window every time! I've even started to make it on the grill here in Nicaragua when it's too hot to use the oven (which is almost always).


No Knead Dinner Rolls

Back home in Minnesota, rarely would a dinner be served without some type of bread. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, there were always dinner rolls served warm from the oven. Later on that evening or the next day, those same rolls would be used to make sandwiches from the leftovers. I came across this recipe recently and made it one night when we had friends for dinner. These are amazing! Be sure to adjust rising times based on your climate. If it's hot, you will need less time.