Permaculture Ethics

Beautiful urban permaculture garden example.

Beautiful urban permaculture garden example.

We hope you are enjoying our blog journey so far. As each blog goes up, I aim to create a story along the way that will help all of us learn more about Permaculture and give you an insight into what we are doing here in El Tambo, Nicaragua. Todays topic is ethics. Don't worry if you ate all the ice cream and denied it, today I'm talking about permaculture ethics.

Ethics are the moral principals that govern a person’s or group’s behavior. Permaculture is centered around three main ethics. So this can be said, these are the three main behaviors of permaculture. 

A virtual Permaculture City. Can you imagine?

A virtual Permaculture City. Can you imagine?

Care for the Earth

We depend on the earth to live. Without us, the earth would live, with us, the earth pays the price. Caring for the earth includes letting mother nature do her thing, and by replacing that which is taken (by us). Caring for all plants, animals, land, water, air, and living organisms.

Care of People

Taking a responsible action towards caring for the greater community. As Health Cote said “caring for people means meeting people's needs so that people's lives can be sustained and have a good quality of life, but without damaging the earth.” 

Fair Share Return of surplus to Earth and people /

Fair Share means consuming only what you need and sharing the surplus with other people or returning it to the earth. Earths resources are limited and therefore they need to be shared amongst many people. Permaculture looks at sharing the resources fairly amongst the people, land and plants whilst taking into consideration the needs of water, housing and food for the future generations. 

Those are the three main ethics of permaculture in a nut shell. Obviously this is quick overview. Keeping it short and sweet hoping you stay tuned with us on our journey at MESA Sostenible. Together we will see the farm grow from a vacant field into a flourishing permaculture farm stay and cooking experience here in beautiful Costa Esmeralda Coast of Nicaragua.