Permaculture. Life starts with a name.

Hi, its Cade here from MESA Sostenible, permaculture farm stay and cooking experience.. Welcome to our Blog! This is my first Blog. I hope to make this fun, interesting and educational. I get a kick out of writing so here it goes. 

This is the beginning of the journey for MESA Sostenible, Ron, myself and our growing team here in El Tambo, Nicaragua.  So, first things first, what does MESA Sostenible mean? Well, in Spanish it means "Sustainable Table." Your probably asking why did they call it Sustainable Table? 

"Since the beginning of time, people have come together around a table to celebrate the bounty the earth has offered them. The table being the center of unity for families, communities and religion. Its not about the physical table itself but the unity in people it creates. Mesa Sostenible focuses on bringing sustainability to the table in the moment of unity."

So this is how the name MESA Sostenible was born. You have read, witnessed and hopefully liked my first short blog. Share it online so your friends will know too.

I look forward to this journey together as we plant, build and grow here in El Tambo, Nicaragua. 

Until next time,

Adios Amigos