MESA Sostenible aims to promote economic, community, and environmental sustainability in El Tambo, Nicaragua, through an innovative hands-on education farm model and nutrition education program.

By teaching an evidence-based permaculture farm model, we can help promote income and health for local communities, where farmers can utilize the practices to support soil health, increase food production, protect the environment, and better respond to the growing threats to agriculture linked to climate change.

Education Program

The support from travelers who visit MESA Sostenible feeds back into the farm program.

The Impact

MESA Sostenible aims to have the following social, environmental and economic impacts:

  • Demonstrate the importance of year-round crop diversity to reduce malnutrition through a varied diet and nutrition education.
  • Increase soil fertility and reduce topsoil erosion.
  • Eliminate agricultural chemicals used on productive land. 
  • Maximize rainwater infiltration and on-site treatment to improve ground water storage through water harvesting techniques. 

Economic growth, we will work with El Tambo to build a community co-operative to supply the increasing number of local hotels, restaurants and markets with organic produce. This economic model will provide the opportunity to increase household income whilst supporting community health.