Coordinated Aid Operations for Nicaraguans affected by Tropical Storm Nate

Today is October 5th, tropical storm Nate has devastated the western coast of Nicaragua with horrific flooding. Thousands of families have been left homeless and all their belongings lost. 


Update Tuesday 7:30 AM

Relief operations continued throughout the region today. Communities have been identified in terms of what their greatest needs are and specific resources have been deployed to assist. Sourcing, purchasing and distributing water filters, cleaning mud filled wells and providing shelter along with basic food needs are high on the list.

Nicaragua Flood - Nate Aid Operations

Nicaragua Flood - Nate Aid Operations

Nicaragua Flood Nate water line - clean up

Nicaragua Flood Nate water line - clean up

Hundreds of families have received help and thats just the start.

As immediate aid is being given, a cohesive plan for the future is in development. Being a subsistence farming region, many farmers lost their entire farms, livestock and up to two years worth of stored grains that were for the market. We are now contacting NGOs and outreaching to people who can help rebuild agricultural practices in the region and help families begin to grow the own food again.

To a discerning note, a warning has been issued for another storm. Until more information about the severity of the storm is available, the current relief operations will remain in place.

Thank you for your support!

Update Monday 7:30am

As the generous amount of support continues, the team on the ground is in action. $14,810 in donations so far.

Yesterday a congregation of 45 volunteers met and formulated a cohesive response plan for relief operations.

The Tola region being aided by this relief effort was divided into three zones and volunteers assigned to a zone.

Tola - Nate Tropical Storm Aid Zones

Tola - Nate Tropical Storm Aid Zones

South Zone 1:
Base: Hacienda Iguanas
Region: Guascoto through to Nancimi and El Tambo

Mid Zone 2:
Base: Rancho Santana
Region: Limon area through to Las Salinas

North Zone 3:
Base: Magnific Rock
Region: Las Salinas through to Astillero and further North

The central hubs are accepting, storing, and distributing donations to their respective areas. 

The teams went into their assigned communities to assess needs.

One aid distribution

One aid distribution

Volunteers Access Remote Houses in El Tambo  

Volunteers Access Remote Houses in El Tambo

A small preliminary round of aid that was able to be collected quickly has been distributed to those who could be reached in daylight hours.

Quote: "Some of our communities are very difficult to access due to poor roads and isolation. This is one of our major outreach challenges." - Katie, relief volunteer.

A meeting will be held this morning to provide updates to zone bases and further coordinate operations. 

We will provide more updates and the relief efforts continue.

Thank you for your support and helping your/our friends, neighbors and loved ones in this dire time of need.


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